Cuddle Weather

RAM is a waitlisted seaman who enters the world of prostitution to earn money for his family. ADELA is an experienced call girl who aspires to become the smartest prostitute in town.

It is ‘love at first sound’ when they meet, having loud paid sex separately in adjacent motel rooms. Adela then teaches Ram the ways of a hustler sex worker. It’s not long until the mentor-mentee relationship turns into an odd romantic setup.

They become ‘cuddle partners’, something they can never be with any of their clients. They build a relationship without sex as their world is already full of it, but not of love.

Having seen too much loveless lovemaking, can they recognize love if it stares them in the face? Has Adela become ‘too smart’ to believe in romance in such a hopeless place? Or has Ram become too good a call boy to believe that happiness can come without a price?

  • Official Selection - Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019

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