I Got You

Therapist Del, 37, and daughter Iya, 17 are moving back to Manila from the US, hoping this would save their rocky relationship. On the side, Del sets up a therapy clinic here. We meet her patients, they’re all sad, basag, in need of help. Except for one. Her name is Risa, 27. She’s #blessed personified. And yet Del thinks siya ang pinakamabigat ang pasan sa lahat. Risa denies it, claims that she’s just in therapy to ask for advice kung paano mapipilit ang boyfriend niya to also see a therapist. Del agrees to meet up with Risa’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend is Louie. Yes, that Louie.

Del doesn’t tell Risa about her past with Louie. Her trauma comes rushing back upon witnessing how perfect Risa and Louie’s love story is. Louie Jinally discovers that Del is Risa’s therapist. Louie confronts Del, tells her he’s a changed man. To push Louie away, Del starts dating another former patient, Robin. Magkaka-developan, magkaka-selosan, magkakahulihan ng loob at ng mga nakaw na tingin. Can Del and Louie commit again to love despite being in each other’s lives again and remembering all the pain they’ve caused each other?